FTVT Token

FTVT Token, the fashion tv founder Mr. The authority given by Michel Adam and the CEO of fashion tv Gmbh, Mr. It was produced and softwared on Avalanche, the world's leading blockchain ecosystem, based in Dubai, with the signed authorization document of Maximillian Dennis Edelweiss.

It was listed on the Probit Global stock exchange as of March 01, 2023.

Fashion TV, which is among the most well-known brands in the world on a global scale, will be used both as a payment tool in its own ecosystem and as a valuable investment tool as an asset with high demand and limited supply. It will provide its users and investors the chance to be a part of this attractive ecosystem and to benefit from all the elements that make up the ecosystem with unique opportunities and economic advantages. These tokens, which are constantly in circulation and in demand, will also be an investment tool that will make their owners smile, as they will provide positive value.

How and where can I get FTVT Token?

As of 01 March 2023, you can buy it from Probit Global stock market.