Why FTVT Token

Fashion TV, which has been the pioneer of fashion and luxury products since its establishment, has succeeded in creating a structure that will provide services according to high quality standards and spread the products and services it produces in connection with its brand to wider masses.

FTVT Token is aimed to be a high-yield investment tool for everyone who is a member of this ecosystem and owns FTVT Tokens.

We Bringing Luxurious to the Crypto Community

fashion tv has been offering its luxury products and services over television & stores for more than 25 years.

NOW FTVT TOKEN holders have the chance to benefit from all these products and services at maximum advantageous conditions!

According to their membership types, FTVT Token holders can choose from a wide range of products such as cosmetics, watches, jewelry, underwear, bags, clothing, shoes, furniture, lighting, decorations, mobile phones, tobacco products, food and beverages offered by the fashion tv brand in the fashion tv ecosystem. fashion tv brand cafes, restaurants and hotels, fashion tv stores and e-shop, and fashion tv has incredible advantages and priorities in travel and shopping tours.